I’m currently hosting my website on a shared hosting plan with FatCow. I bought from them because they were cheap and at the time, my website wasn’t getting much traffic. Lately my website has been getting a lot of traffic and is getting too slow for them. I need to upgrade my hosting account to a VPS plan and was wondering what is a good VPS web host? I want the best best VPS hosting service because performance is important to me and having downtime its very frustrating. I also don’t want to transfer my website again. Please advise.

  1. by Winston

    I know what you mean. I learned from the start you have to find a web host that offers shared, vps, and dedicated hosting plans. Especially if your website has potential to grow. I recommend you try InMotion. They are the best web host for business websites and they offer a wide variety of VPS hosting plans. They also have dedicated so if you outgrow your VPS hosting, you can switch to a dedicated plan. I ended up doing that a couple months ago. Overall they have the best VPS hosting. I was very happy with them. The pricing is pretty good and the performance is great. You can find their website at http://www.inmotionhosting.com.

  2. by AngryGator

    I recommend InMotion as well. They offer really good hosting services for businesses. I have a VPS-1000 plan with them and that works like a dream. Its also good to know I can upgrade to a higher plan if I ever outgrow it. I highly recommend them.

  3. by Webster

    GreenGeeks also offers some pretty good VPS hosting plans. They are more expensive but have good hosting.


  4. by HostingGeek

    Before you sign up with a VPS hosting plan, make sure you fully optimize your website. I would make sure all your website images are compressed. Also make sure you are using CloudFlaire. That really helps reduce the amount of bandwidth and CPU resources. You might still be able to keep your shared hosting. If that’s still not enough, then definitely switch to a VPS provider.


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