InMotion Hosting Coupon

Looking for an InMotion Hosting coupon? InMotion doesn’t offer coupons per say (as they disclose here), but they do offer promotional prices for a few of their top affiliates. Customers who purchase a web hosting plan through an InMotion affiliate link can often get a better price than going directly through InMotion. And it’s exactly

Is 000webhost legit for free web hosting?

I am thinking about signing up with a free web hosting company and came across It looks like they actually offer a lot of good hosting features for free and sound too good to be true. Is 000webhost legit? Please advise me on whether or not I should host with them.  I am always leery about

What is a good web host for email & stopping spam?

I have a small business website that I host myself. Somehow my business email addresses was compromised and now I am getting a ton of spam emails. My current web host provides no support with spam and I know each web host has different ways of stopping spam. What is the best web host for

Is FatCow a good web host?

I’ve been shopping around for a new web host and am thinking about FatCow. FatCow seems like they offer a lot of features and their pricing is pretty good. I’m curious about their performance though. Is FatCow a reliable web hosting company?

Is Zyma a good web host?

I operate a small business website and am looking for a good UK based web hosting company. I have heard of Zyma before and am wondering if they are any good? I need a fast and reliable shared web host so that my customers can easily browse my website 24/7 without any downtime. Would you

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