Best Windows Web Hosting

HostGator is a great Windows web host, providing affordable web hosting with the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows is another popular operating system than can run on web hosting servers. Due to its higher licensing expenses, most users will host a website with a web host that runs Unix. However, Windows web hosting does have certain advantages over Unix and certain users may need to sign up with a windows web host. Primarily, any website or web application that uses ASP will need a Windows web host.

What are some advantages of Windows?

Both Windows and Unix operating systems are fairly secure, however Windows is constantly checking security threats/issues and provides regular updating of its software. As soon as a new threat has been detected, Windows will immediately launch a new security update, in which the operating system can  automatically download from the Microsoft.

Another important advantage in hosting with Windows is compatibility.  Windows is compatible with virtually all open source technologies. Windows hosting is compatible with all versions of MySQL, PHP, Apache, and many other similar technologies.

Lastly, the primary advantage of hosting with a Windows operating system is to receive all the many useful features that come as a package with Windows hosting. Microsoft FrontPage, SQL Server, and ASP are the most popular features that are all included as part of the package.

Who offers the best Windows web hosting? is one of the best web hosting companies for Windows web hosting. HostGator offers web hosting plans with both Unix or Windows web hosting. Be sure to choose their Windows web hosting service at checkout. Their Windows web hosting servers are optimized to gain the maximum compatibility with all of the latest Windows features. Their Windows hosting includes MS Access Database, MS SQL, ASP, and Plesk. Furthermore, HostGator provides their customers with unlimited disk space and offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

In conclusion, Windows is a reliable and secure platform for web hosting. It offers its own advantages and disadvantages, and users will need to chose whether or not they need Windows or Unix. Windows will most likely be used for certain web developers that need a hosting platform for ASP projects. HostGator is a great choice for Windows web hosting.