Best Unix Web Hosting

Web Hosting Hub is a great web host for Unix, providing affordable & reliable web hosting.

Unix leads the way when it comes to operating systems for web hosting workstations and servers. Unix web hosting is a versatile and powerful platform and is also the source of inspiration for the Mac OS X and Linux. Although not the most popular operating system for home use in desktops and laptops, Unix is the most commonly used server operating system on the market. It is most commonly used for shared web hosting services.

What are some advantages of Unix?

Unix has many advantages when it comes to web hosting. The most important advantage of Unix is security.  Unix is a very secure platform against threats such as malware, hacking and viruses. While most hackers create programs to infect Windows based machines, very few try to attack Unix systems. Unix systems operate differently than Windows systems and are less likely a target for hackers mainly because their malware and viruses are usually designed for Windows operating systems.

Another important advantage for Unix is its price. Unix hosting is very affordable. It is compatible with all major open source platforms and provides reliable service. Unix is almost always cheaper than any Windows based web host and allows you to host a website for only a several dollars each month.

Another advantage of Unix is its reliability. Often known as the work-horse among all server operating systems, it has the reputation of being the most affordable and dependable platform on the market.

Who offers the best Unix web hosting?

The best Unix hosting service is offered by Hub provides an affordable Unix hosting plan with the overall best security and reliability. The hosting company scored highly in all measuring categories and was reviewed by 205 users. Hub implements a pooled server architecture with their Unix servers and acquires maximum performance by using max speed zone enabled technologies. Hub servers also have the latest version of Enterprise Class Linux OS, along with the latest PHP and MySQL.

In conclusion, Unix is the ideal operating system for shared web hosting plans. Unix offers high reliability and security. The best web hosting company that provides Unix hosting is Web Hosting Hub.