Best PHP Web Hosting

Web Hosting Hub is a great web host for PHP and provides support for the latest version.

PHP is an open source, free to download, web development application used to create dynamic websites. The PHP scripting code can be embedded in HTML source code where web servers, such as Apache, can be used to translate the code. Some of the most popular websites today, such as Facebook and Wikipedia, are built on PHP scripting. Most web hosts are capable of hosting a php based website.

Besides dynamic websites, PHP can also be used to build stand alone software programs. Shopping carts and CMS programs that can be integrated with dynamic websites are usually built with a PHP script.

What are some advantages of using PHP?

PHP is a universally compatible language, and can run across all the major platforms available in the market today. This compatibility allows for increased interaction with a variety of database systems. This cross platform compatibility also allows PHP to create dynamic websites and applications.

PHP receives consistent improvements through new releases and updates, and has a large and ever increasing online community. This allows the language of PHP to be reliable, effective and efficient. PHP scripting is also rated highly among web developers when it comes to security. By using minimum system memory, it allows the server to perform at an optimum level, increasing web performance for the end user.

Who offers the best PHP web hosting? has been awarded as the best PHP web host of 2012. Their servers run PHP 5 and are configured to perform at an optimum level, making full use of PHP caching. Web Hosting Hub guarantees their customers a 99.9% uptime, and has held a 100% uptime over the last 6 months.

In conclusion, PHP is one of the best and most popular languages used in web development. If you are planning to run a dynamic website based on PHP, make sure to use Web Hosting Hub as your PHP web host.