What is the most reliable web hosting?

I’m tired of my website constantly not loading and just randomly crashing. I run a business and need my website to load reliably for my customers. I’ve called my web host numerous times to complain but they don’t do anything to fix it. They just tell me to optimize my site and make sure the

What is the Best Web Hosting for Actors?

Acting websites are usually straight forward. They are a portfolio site which consists of several pages with headshots, demo reels, a biography, and contact information. Since most actors are usually on a low budget, they build the website themselves using a template based website builder. One of the best options for actors is to use

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Your Own Website

Building your own website may seem like a daunting task to anyone who has never learned web design. However, getting your own website is really quite easy and requires very little technical know-how. There are dozens of platforms already created to help non-technological users build their own website without having to learn about HTML or

Better web hosting than GoDaddy?

I’ve been hosting with GoDaddy for over a year now. I’m very unsatisfied with them and really need to find a better web host. Their hosting is too difficult and very buggy. It often freezes and my website wont load. I was reading online reviews of GoDaddy and see that other people are having similar

What is a fast web host? I need high speed hosting!

I am tired of hosting with slow web hosting companies. I want my website to load fast! Last night I was trying to browse my own website and it took 20 seconds to load! This was not the first time either. It usually loads faster but its still very slow compared to other websites. I’m

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