Is Zyma a good web host?

I operate a small business website and am looking for a good UK based web hosting company. I have heard of Zyma before and am wondering if they are any good? I need a fast and reliable shared web host so that my customers can easily browse my website 24/7 without any downtime. Would you

Should I buy web hosting from Hostmonster?

Is HostMonster a good web hosting company? I need to purchase a web hosting account for my new website. I was thinking about HostMonster. Anyone here ever use them? What are they like?

What is the best dedicated server hosting?

Does anyone have experience with dedicated hosting? I am looking for a good web hosting company that provides the best dedicated hosting service. I’ve heard of RackSpace. Would anyone recommend them?

Good web hosting company for an online retail business?

I have an ecommerce website that sells items online for my retail business. The web hosting plan that I currently have is about to expire and I’m not that happy with them. What is a good web host that makes it easy for hosting ecommerce type websites?

Is InMotion hosting good?

I know that InMotion is a pretty popular web hosting company.  They look like they offer decent hosting features, but was wondering about their service and customer support? Does their hosting ever go down? Is InMotion any good?   Editor’s Note: You can read our official review of InMotion here.

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