Is FatCow a good web host?

I’ve been shopping around for a new web host and am thinking about FatCow. FatCow seems like they offer a lot of features and their pricing is pretty good. I’m curious about their performance though. Is FatCow a reliable web hosting company?

What is the best cheap web hosting?

I’m just looking for the cheapest web hosting company to get my website online. I do not need anything too elaborate. My website is purely informational and does not include any ecommerce or databases. I also don’t expect to receive much traffic either. What is a good affordable web host you would recommend?

Is HostGator a good web hosting company?

  HostGator is one of the most widely recognized web hosting companies on the internet. Founded in 2002, HostGator is an American web host based out of Houson, Texas. They provide all-purpose web hosting services to customers all over the world. They offer shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated hosting plans. Almost everyone has