What is the best cheap web hosting?

I’m just looking for the cheapest web hosting company to get my website online. I do not need anything too elaborate. My website is purely informational and does not include any ecommerce or databases. I also don’t expect to receive much traffic either. What is a good affordable web host you would recommend?

Best Web Hosting that offers Dedicated IP Address?

I was learning about the difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP address. Apparently dedicated IP addresses are safer and rank better in search engines. The current web host I’m with doesnt offer a dedicated IP address so I was thinking of switching over to one that does. What web host would you

Best Web Hosting for Drupal Websites?

I am wondering what is the best web hosting service or company to host a Drupal website. Can anyone recommend a good Drupal web host? I dont know if every web host offers support for Drupal or not. The website I have is really quite simple. I just need a decent place to host it.

What is the best web hosting for a WordPress website?

I’m looking to buy web hosting for my WordPress website. A friend of mine helped me build it and I originally had it hosted on FatCow, but now the term has expired and I am hoping to switch to a better host. FatCow was kind of slow and I think that maybe their hosting isn’t

Best hosting companies for small businesses?

What are the best web hosting companies for a small business website? I need advice on picking a web host. I was looking around on Google and see that there are dozens of web hosts. Is there any web host that is better for small businesses? I dont need something that is really expensive. I

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