What is the best cheap web hosting?

I’m just looking for the cheapest web hosting company to get my website online. I do not need anything too elaborate. My website is purely informational and does not include any ecommerce or databases. I also don’t expect to receive much traffic either. What is a good affordable web host you would recommend?

What is a good web hosting company that is affordable?

I’m looking for an affordable web host that offers decent hosting. I dont need anything expensive. I just have a small website and I need a good company that I can host it with cheaply. The website is small and I am just trying to sell a few items on it. It doesnt get much

Best hosting companies for small businesses?

What are the best web hosting companies for a small business website? I need advice on picking a web host. I was looking around on Google and see that there are dozens of web hosts. Is there any web host that is better for small businesses? I dont need something that is really expensive. I