I am thinking about signing up with a free web hosting company and came across 000webhost.com. It looks like they actually offer a lot of good hosting features for free and sound too good to be true. Is 000webhost legit? Please advise me on whether or not I should host with them.  I am always leery about free hosting services…

  1. by Andrew

    You have to be very careful with any free web host. I would not go with anything free. I was looking up reviews on 000webhost and they are a scam. It looks like they do a lot of phishing scams. I would stay away from them.

  2. by Dragonball24

    000webhost.com is a scam. They have malware on their hosting and will use it on your website! Their website is blacklisted and may contain harmful content. Beware! I would go with a paid web host.

  3. by John

    Free web hosting is all a scam. Web hosting costs money and these free web hosts are not going to give it away for free. Most of them are scams and steal your identity. They can also use your website to promote phishing scams and other illegal activity which you will then get in trouble for. Stay away from free hosting. If you dont have a big budget, buy some cheap web hosting from iPage. They are a legitimate company and provide good hosting for a cheap price.

  4. by anonymous

    Do you really think someone is going to give you free web hosting? Nothing is free. Best to go with a legitimate paid company.

  5. by BlackJack

    Its a free web host. Free hosting is never reliable or good. If you are lucky, you can get them to work with no problems. Personally I’ve heard to many people getting scammed from them so I would not trust them.


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