Zyma web hosting

I operate a small business website and am looking for a good UK based web hosting company. I have heard of Zyma before and am wondering if they are any good? I need a fast and reliable shared web host so that my customers can easily browse my website 24/7 without any downtime. Would you recommend Zyma.com?

  1. by Jay

    I think Zyma would be a good choice. They provide good hosting in the UK that is both affordable and reliable.

  2. by Bill

    I would go with a better known web host. HostGator is great for UK based users, but they also have datacenters wordwide so viewers from all around the globe can view your website with very little latency.

  3. by Andrew

    I’ve never heard of them before. They look like a small hosting company. I would go with Hostgator as well. They are well known and offer decent hosting services in the UK.



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