I was reading online that Web Hosting Hub is highly recommended for small business websites. I’m new to web hosting and am wondering if Web Hosting Hub would be good for building a template website? I think I remember reading that they offer a website builder with numerous template designs to choose from. For now, I think a template website would be the easiest and cheapest way for me to get a website online. However I just want to make sure that they are good for templates as I’m not really sure what would qualify as a “small business” website?


Editor’s Note: You can read our official review of Web Hosting Hub here.

  1. by Niran

    Hub is a great web host, especially for small businesses. Basically that means that you can host any website that is fit for a shared hosting account. Nearly all people starting out will need this option.

  2. by Tanmay

    Actually from your description, Hub would be well suited. They are known for being the easiest and fastest way to setup a website. I dont really know if its the fastest, but it is pretty easy to use their website builders and get a simple website online. Its also good for WordPress which I would recommend instead.

  3. by Web Geek

    Yes Hub is one of the few good and respected web hosting companies.

  4. by Flora

    I have several websites that target two different countries: the USA and the UK. My US sites are hosted by Web Hosting Hub and I love them! Especially their technical support is outstanding.

  5. by Jason

    Web Hosting Hub offers decent hosting services. Their only problem is that they only offer one hosting plan. The plan is great, especially for starting off, but if your website continues to grow over the years, eventually you will need to upgrade to a better plan. I like InMotion because they offer multiple hosting plans. This way, you can start off with their basic plan, and as your website grows with more traffic, you can switch to a variety of VPS plans and then eventually a dedicated server (if it grows that much).


  6. by Karren

    Hub is good.

  7. by AngryGator

    No I would rather recommend iPage. They offer a lower price and have the same amount of features. Also really great customer support.


  8. by phper

    My experience with Web Hosting Hub was not so good. My WordPress site was not functional. I switched to http://www.hostinway.com and I’m ok with them. They are cheap and reliable.


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